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Just Human... by 0takuman
Just Human...

Gonna try to get into :iconethernitas: ... Updated the app to include his ship... If you haven't gotten it already, I'm clearly a Captain Harlock fan!

Name: Xiota Kurogane

Aliases: Gold Teeth Shota, The Air Saw, Black Gold Xiota, Captain Weirdo

Age:  23

Date of Birth: Nov 11

Height: 5’9’’ (175.26 cm)

Weight: 188 lbs (85.27 kg)

Race: Human

Occupation: Sky Pirate Captain

Realm: Zeventus

Weapon: Chainsaw Blade + Slasher Film Tropes

Current Residence: Aboard the Iron Maiden… Traveling…


An introverted sociopath, he never leaves his ship without a crewman. His lack of social skills is almost humor god tier that his crew has endearingly dubbed him Captain Weirdo. He gets fidgety when placed on the spot during discussions and occasionally has long pauses to practice his dialog in his head before speaking his mind. Despite this, when in "Captain Mode" he gives clear orders and becomes more cunning, of course he still fumbles a lot, but through sheer effort makes the cut to be called a Captain. 


Xiota Kurogane became the Captain of the Iron Maiden by chance... He was originally a part of an Airship maintenance crew, were he got by as a ship dis-assembler. He took pride in his work, diligently mastering the way of tearing off Airship steel with his tool of the trade chainsaw. But, despite having a relatively carefree life, Xiota dreamt of one day owning his own ship and exploring the world outside the workshop. 

One day, unbeknownst to the other workers, a cloaked figure approached Xiota and offered him a ship for free. The deal only asked for Xiota's full and undivided participation in both the maintenance and well being of both the ship and the crew. The usually timid Xiota was blinded with excitement, that he didn't bother asking himself if this was some sorta scam... But alas it was a scam... Xiota signed the document, and as he finished it self-combusted into eerie green flames. And then all went blank...

Xiota wakes and finds himself as the Captain of the Iron Maiden. The cloaked contractor was the ship's Ship-Master, a level headed woman... who also happened to be a vampire... She explains that Xiota was chosen by the ship itself to become its Captain... but what she failed to mention is that the Ship is cursed and it literally lives off the life energy of whom ever rides aboard. The crew, a bunch of undead night stalkers, reluctantly receive their new Captain. And as much to his dismay, Xiota can't abandon the ship without it sucking away his soul.

Finally having his dream come true but more than eager to wake up from his nightmare, Xiota reluctantly abides to the contract and sets sail... To his surprise he found daily adventures on his new ship more than invigorating. Xiota spent many days on the Iron Maiden, and slowly began to wonder why he was chosen. He got close to his crew and eventually became welcome to them. But as days sailing, adventuring, and of course pirating continued, Xiota slowly began to realized why he became the ship's Captain...

The crew were the true victims of the cursed ship, forever bound to its iron husk. Though thought to be immortal, their lives and days are numbered. The crew were prisoners to the ship, and the sole person who can freely leave was the Ship-Master, the grand-daughter of the Original Captain... She chose Xiota cus she felt in him a desire for adventure. And she, along with the crew of the ship, made the gamble that eventually their new Captain could find a way to undo the curse... It's been 3 years since his adventure started, but Xiota's chapter as the Captain of the Iron Maiden only just begun.


- Strength - 10

- Ether - 0

- Vitality - 5

- Dexterity - 10

- Agility -15

- Transform - 80


+Being Human - Can do things at an average human rate of pace… woop de doo...

+Ask for help -  Xiota has a mental link with the ship and it's crew due to the contract. He can call for his crew for cover fire or tactical escapes, the only draw back is that it has to be verbal, giving his opponents the opportunity to react if he isn't careful...

+Gold Teeth Chain Saw - His tool of the trade when he was a simple ship dis-assembler, now his weapon of choice. His lightweight chain saw runs with ether as its fuel, tho it's just a common place tool, it has been modified to be used as a deadly weapon.


Under the proper circumstances and preparations, Xiota can call out the power of the Curse of the Iron Maiden, awakening powers of Darkness and granting Xiota a form that one can only describe as the True Nature of Man’s Evil Instincts… To conjure the curse requires an ante, a bet between the user and his opponent. The loser of the ante forfeits their ether to the Iron Maiden, with Xiota given a penalty if the opponent flees. Xiota has failed a number of times in the past, his ether drained to the point that he blanks out, tho his crew is almost always available to come to his aid. What is considered the opponent's defeat is simply any form of surrender or in ability to fight back. The restrictions are that the target must be hostile and must be defeated within 13 minutes. This form heavily relies on the presence of the Iron Maiden, if it flies to far from Xiota, he will be forced to take the penalty.

Stats (Transformed):

- Strength - 15

- Ether - 50

- Vitality - 10

- Dexterity - 15

- Agility -30

- Transform - 0

Abilities (Transformed):

+Dark Curse -  Just a fancy name for advance Wind Magic. Primarily Wind Magic that create vacuums that affect gravity within a certain range. The magic is black in color radiating a green light, and it’s basic nature is similar to miniature black holes: Absorbs light and slows movement.

+Dark Touch -  Using increased gravity at a limited range to grate off parts of their target. The damage intensifies over time and can be used along side with Dark Curse. By changing the shape of the attack, the range can vary between 1-2 meters, the shorter the range the more concentrated the attack.

+ Horror Aspect - Using his obtained powers, Xiota can apply various moods and atmosphere into play within a set area. The change heightens breathing and sensitivity to the sense, making the target feel distress and discomfort. 


-Xiota consumes mostly bread/bakery products. Believes that the brain only need carbohydrates to function, everything else will become fat…

-When not in working captain mode, Xiota’s actually at the lowest of the Crew’s hierarchy. He’s still called Captain…

-The Iron Maiden is filled with Monsters from typical Hollywood horror movies, Xiota is the only human on board. This is a reference to slasher films where the “Monster” is a human killer. Conveniently enough, Xiota looks the part.

-Other than being super capable in life or death situations, Xiota is incapable in taking care of himself. His crew makes up for that aspect by being his baby-sitter… This is normally done by the Ship Master...

-Xiota's crew are immortal remnants, bound souls that once defeated slowly come back from the source they are bound to... In this case the ship. They cannot leave the ship. If they attempt to leave, or try to leave, their ether runs out and they return to their source. Though immortal, they are a solid form of ether, magic-users can easily wipe them clear or even use them as an energy source. Physical attacks still land but are less effective. The only exception to these are the new generation of cursed crew members, which at the moment only includes the Ship Master. Anyone wishing to join Xiota's crew with either a main character or a NPC, feel free to note me! 

I need money... simple as that ^^;

So without further a do... 


Black and White Full Bodies : $5
-Additional Characters: +$3
-5 Characters Max per order (So up to 4 Additional Characters)

Flat Color Full Bodies : $15
-Additional Characters: +$7.50
-3 Characters Max per order (Only 2 Additional Characters)

Color and Shaded : $25
-Additional Characters: +$10
-Again 3 Characters Max per order

Chibi Fakemon/Stuff that won't take me more than 3 Hours to draw : Starting at $10
-Price goes higher depending on complexity
-Will be colored and shaded (to an extent)
-Single Orders Only

The only things I won't draw is XXX stuff, and full on Original Furry Characters (Anime Characters with Animal parts are okay... and fan art of already existing Furry Characters are also okay)

Look through my gallery for examples of my work
For more Up to date artwork, Follow me on my Tumblr
Basically what I have here, but with samples: Commission Info

If you're interested, please send me a Note or email 
in other words don't comment here... but if you have questions... comment here;;;
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