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Just Human... by 0takuman
Just Human...

Gonna try to get into :iconethernitas: ... Sorry if the backdrops don't really look like a Steam Punk city... I got sorta lazy with it, I'll take it out if it's too much...

Name: Xiota Kurogane

Aliases: Gold Teeth Shota, The Air Saw, Black Gold Xiota, Captain

Age:  23

Date of Birth: Nov 11

Height: 5’9’’ (175.26 cm)

Weight: 188 lbs (85.27 kg)

Race: Human

Occupation: Sky Pirate Captain

Realm: Zeventus

Weapon: Chainsaw Blade + Slasher Film Tropes

Current Residence: Aboard the Iron Maiden… Traveling…


Introverted and reserved, but has a habit of getting irritated easily. Complains a lot, though keeps negative opinions to himself, prefers small groups over crowds… Hates vain people, specially women. Keeps all people with power or of royalty at arms length, except for a select few who he believes aren’t corrupt to the core. Secretly compassionate, and likes to show off a loners front when around strangers. Likes to vent out by sleeping or being lazy, keeps a sleep mask with him wherever he goes. Thinks holding a “Pirate” image is important for business, thus the required rule of wearing an eyepatch (even though he doesn’t need it).


The Iron Maiden, a cursed airship which many believed to hold a long forgotten treasure of Ether Technology aboard its black iron frame. The vessel was commissioned more than 50 years ago, and years later it vanished along with its crew on its maiden voyage. 13 years after its disappearance, a young convict on the run found it and awoke its slumbering engine.

Xiota Kurogane became the second captain of the Iron Maiden, his ability was at first doubted by the ships "inhabitants" but he proved his mettle by settling a score for the original captain. The Iron Maiden's crew are a cursed bunch of would be pirates, many of the original crew died during the maiden voyage due to the "energy" cost for the ship's engine, the life and ether of those aboard. The original captain and most of the crew didn't know of the ship's power source and ultimately met a cruel fate atop the clouds. But the Ether technology effected the souls of those on board and turned them into the undead. The crew are able to manifest material form so long as the engine continues to thrive.

Xiota, being desperate for a means of escape from his winged pursuers, agreed to the terms of the late captain. Xiota will become the Iron Maiden's new Captain but in return must bear the maintenance of prolonging the Ship's "Curse". What this meant was Xiota would be directly connected to the heart of the Iron Maiden, its engine, via his Ether. So long as Xiota is alive, the "Curse" that allows the ship to fly and its "inhabitants" to be living will continue.

Weeks later, the Iron Maiden was sighted fleeing the property of a local innovator. The innovator had a history of illegal ether experiments using living test subjects... One included an engine that used living being's Ether to power an airship... Xiota ended the innovator's cruel career and brought peace to the original captain's grudge. Though the curse remains, the engine itself has stabled to the point that it can freely recycle the ether that it has already obtained, so all that's left is to actually maintain the ship and its now permanent crew. 

As for the Iron Maiden's new captain, he was originally a convict. Of crimes he was falsely accused of. Though now that Xiota is a pirate with real crimes over his shoulder, clearing his name is now near impossible. However he still holds a grudge against the noble who framed him, his friends and mentor who rejected him... and of course the woman who pulled the strings of fate to make it all happen. The Iron Maiden now soars the skies of Velandi, taking out criminals and would be nobles the laws of the country can't take out. Though labeled murderers, thieves, low-lives, and scoundrels... Xiota prefers the thought that his crew, despite being no longer living, were just being "Human"...


- Strength - 10

- Ether - 0

- Vitality - 5

- Dexterity - 10

- Agility -15

- Transform - 80


+Being Human - Can do things at an average human rate of pace… Nothing special, can be used to deceive others, but is it really deceiving?

+Let the Crew Do it - The only real Ability a Captain of a Cursed Ship can do… ask for help, is this even considered HIS ability?

+Criminal Mind -  Probably his only REAL ability, his capable mind at survival, war, and battle tactics… mixed with his pro at psychological warfare, it’s definitely proper to call him a Criminal.


Under the proper circumstances and preparations, Xiota can call out the power of the Curse of the Iron Maiden, awakening powers of Darkness and granting Xiota a form that one can only describe as the True Nature of Man’s Evil Instincts… The requirements are rather strict as per the agreements Xiota made as the Curse bearer. It can only activate if there is a clear target, at least a single opponent that shows hostility is required to begin. The target(s) must undergo a sensation of alertness, to put bluntly they must experience terror or fear. Xiota then has around over 10 minutes to get the job done, otherwise he forfeits his ether to the Curse.

Stats (Transformed):

- Strength - 15

- Ether - 50

- Vitality - 10

- Dexterity - 15

- Agility -30

- Transform - 0

Abilities (Transformed):

+Dark Curse -  Just a fancy name for advance Wind Magic. Primarily Wind Magic that create vacuums that affect gravity within a certain range. The magic is black in color radiating a green light, and it’s basic nature is similar to miniature black holes: Absorbs light and slows movement.

+Dark Touch -  Using increased gravity at a limited range to grate off parts of their target. It hurts a lot.

+ Horror Aspect - Using his Dark Curse and Psychological Warfare prowess, Xiota is able to put his foes into slasher film situations, immediately triggering stress to brains psyche... doesn't work on fearless people.


-Xiota consumes mostly bread/bakery products. Believes that the brain only need carbohydrates to function, everything else will become fat…

-When not in working captain mode, Xiota’s actually at the lowest of the Crew’s hierarchy. He’s still called Captain…

-The Iron Maiden is filled with Monsters from typical Hollywood horror movies, Xiota is the only human on board. This is a reference to slasher films where the “Monster” is a human killer, should explain Xiota’s sense of fashion and his preference to use Chainsaws…

-Other than being super capable in life or death situations, Xiota is incapable in taking care of himself. His crew makes up for that aspect by being his baby-sitter… This is normally done by the Shipmaster...

-And cus I know people will want to hear about it now rather than wait for the NPCs, Xiota's crew is immortal in the sense that physical attacks cause little to no harm. Attacking, absorbing, removing their source of Ether is the means to be rid of them. Just cus they can't die doesn't mean they have endless stamina nor does it mean they can't feel pain... well maybe some can't, but for the most part the term immortal and undead are for the sake of aesthetic appeal... If you really, really want to kill one off, just deprive them of any physical Ether, they'll poof and all is well...

Currently being ruled by school and Destiny
ToX2: True Ending by 0takuman
ToX2: True Ending
This game is over shadowed by it's previous game title... tho most of the tales of sequel games tend to be (no one bring up ToS2 plz)
but... This game did have a ton of gimmicks that I enjoyed, multiple endings not so much, but transformations... now that's a cool add on

For the sake of keeping the ending more or less a secret I won't be explaining who is who in this pic... tho it should be fairly obvious (hopefully this'll intrigue peeps enough to at least give it a try... or find it on youtube) 
I need money... simple as that ^^;

So without further a do... 


Black and White Full Bodies : $5
-Additional Characters: +$3
-5 Characters Max per order (So up to 4 Additional Characters)

Flat Color Full Bodies : $15
-Additional Characters: +$7.50
-3 Characters Max per order (Only 2 Additional Characters)

Color and Shaded : $25
-Additional Characters: +$10
-Again 3 Characters Max per order

Chibi Fakemon/Stuff that won't take me more than 3 Hours to draw : Starting at $10
-Price goes higher depending on complexity
-Will be colored and shaded (to an extent)
-Single Orders Only

The only things I won't draw is XXX stuff, and full on Original Furry Characters (Anime Characters with Animal parts are okay... and fan art of already existing Furry Characters are also okay)

Look through my gallery for examples of my work
For more Up to date artwork, Follow me on my Tumblr
Basically what I have here, but with samples: Commission Info

If you're interested, please send me a Note or email 
in other words don't comment here... but if you have questions... comment here;;;
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