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Rei and Zen in Gold by 0takuman
Rei and Zen in Gold
These two spin-off exclusive characters were a nice add on to the already dark and edgy world of Persona. And I'm happy they finally had a
canon food lover glutton character and not just manga P3 Protag, though her reasons for it were hella deep...

Can't wait for P5, IDK Persona is on of those games where the types of characters feel balanced to a good degree. 
Tea Time Vampire by 0takuman
Tea Time Vampire

Name: Davilla “Jones” Von D’Arc Dreadeath I … or Davy for short...

Aliases: Lady Shipmaster, Davy Jones, The Tea Kettle Monster, Long Shot Davy

Age:  25

Date of Birth: Oct 13

Height: 5’11’’ (180.34 cm)

Weight: 87 lbs (39.46 kg)

Race: Vampire (Cursed)

Vampires are any intelligent lineage whose ancestors practiced dark forbidden arts to obtain longer life spans, atypically the consumption of blood/ether. They’re capable of various advanced magics, though each family tends to master a single type then pass it down to the next generation. They’re rare in the sense that most of society brands their ways as taboo. Due to their strong connection with “Darkness”, they lose almost all their abilities to use magic under sunlight, this is especially dangerous to vampires who prolonged their life span past their species’ norm.

Occupation: Sky Pirate Shipmaster

Realm: Zeventus

Weapon: Umbrella Gun, Various Tea Kettles...

Current Residence: “The room next to the Capt’n’s.”


A level headed woman, who prides herself in being elite and at the top. She doesn’t belittle others for being different, but requires a general sense of mutual respect from those around her. She oftens drinks tea and acts classy, but her true personality is that of an adventurer. Around her Captain, she’s something like a nanny, keeping him out of trouble and making sure that their association with others doesn’t go foul due to their Captain’s awkward personality. She’s a valuable asset to the Iron Maiden crew, and a very respected Shipmaster at that.


Born into the D’Arc Dreadeath family as a daughter of a small Noble family whose history is dyed with the practice of taboo’d technology, Davilla was a girl who loved stories about adventure. She would always hear stories about her grand uncle, Duke von D’Arc Dreadeath IV, and his magical airship that disappeared years ago during its maiden voyage.

One night, her home was attacked by radicals who were against the current Matriarch, and demanded that the D’Arc Dreadeath family hand over their research on endless flight. The radicals were stopped by the land’s sky-knights, but Davilla lost her parents and most of her family’s attendants in the skirmish. The D’Arc Dreadeath house eventually lost its land and title of authority due to a shift in power in the area’s aristocracy. Davilla lost everything… but she still had hope, her grand uncle’s airship…

Five years of traveling, and she finally found the wreckage of the ship… though it wasn’t a wreckage, and the ship was still floating. As if by acknowledging her birthright, the ship drew closer to her allowing her passage. Davilla along with a few hired hands found themselves in the engine room. There they found the source of the ship’s power, the “Cursed” engine. Davilla was moved to tears to finally have found her family’s life’s work still in one piece.

While she was alone in the engine room she was greeted by the soul of the late captain and co-inventor of the engine, her grand uncle, Duke von D’Arc Dreadeath IV. And there she learned of the curse, and of the bound weary souls of the crew that haunt the ship. Upon learning about the dangers of being on board, she headed towards her hired crew… only to be betrayed and murdered. Her hired hands were members of the radicals that attacked her home. They came for the ship and its engine. Responding to her despair, the engine shared its ether, cursing Davilla and brought her back from death’s door.

The radical members met with the wrath of the Iron Maiden’s enraged crew, and Davilla savored a short-lived vengeance. The Ship once again was void of the living, but it needs a living host to properly set sail. Davilla, only cursed but not bound, set off to search for a worthy soul to be its Captain. One day, she overheard a young man’s yearning for a ship and adventure, his naive yet sincere desires moved her. So on the very next day, Davilla offered him a deal… And so began her adventures with the Captain of the Iron Maiden.


- Strength - 20

- Ether - 50

- Vitality - 10

- Dexterity - 10

- Agility -25


+ Familiars- using her blood as a medium she can summon vampire bats. Though weak, they’re very easy to summon and can be used as decoys to make her enemies easy targets. Summoning enough bats can allow her to carry others over a fair distance(roughly 2 miles) but can leave her terribly exhausted.

+ Black Charisma- Gravity magic was the specialty of the D’Arc Dreadeath Vampires, Black Charisma is this generation's latest evolutionary stage of the art. By using the wind element to produce black holes, it is possible to enhance an object's natural gravitational pull. This is typically used to redirect blows, and Davilla’s musket shots. It can also be used to form orbits for smaller objects to follow, thus making an effective junk shield or to hinder movement by equipping a miniature obstacle course on enemies. The overall range is within 30 meters of Davilla's current location, if she moves, the current spell won't follow her therefore it's possible to relinquish the effects from leaving the origin point's range. 

+Vampirism- Davilla can trap enemies with wind and suck out some of their blood. She can’t take large amounts due to the spell’s limits, but it’s still an effective way to regain some stamina as well as weaken foes.

+Umbrella Gun- Davilla always carries an umbrella to keep herself out of the sun, but in actuality it is indeed a musket rifle. Her bullets are 3mm iron balls, and with her wind magic, reloading is minimized to 5 sec. per round. She does use gunpowder to keep her magic use to a minimum. Maximum range is 360 yards, max with gravity magic, a total of 1700 yards... Despite her eagerness at being a rifle woman, she has terrible aim with a typical 1/9 hit ratio... Her form is extravagant though

+Flight- She uses her wings… No further notes...


-Like Xiota she prefers only one type of substance for consumption, in Davilla’s case it’s tea

-While Xiota isn’t acting captain, Davilla holds the most authority on the Iron Maiden, she is also his “Keeper” and on occasions jokes about selling him off when he misbehaves

-Davilla is considered cursed, her life span is bound to the ship, but unlike most of the old crew, she herself is not bound to the ship. Bound souls continually rely on the engine's presence to continue to "exist", where as cursed souls are "living" bodies who's ether is connected to the engine. In both cases, the individuals don't receive ether from the ship, but rather share it. Cursed individuals can leave the ship, but if they leave more than 3 miles away from the ship, because of their connection with the engine, they will slowly be sapped of their ether till they ultimately die or return to the ship for a pit stop.

-A further explanation on the engine’s curse: The engine is fueled with ether, much of it originating from the passengers of its first voyage. The ether is recycled within the engine the same way a lung works to breath air. It absorbs the magical fuel from living things (or once living things) in massive quantities, then spits out the residue that contains the living thing's consciousness or "soul". The residue will continue to manifest usable ether so long as its "ego" remains intact. What this all basically means is, the engine runs on literal Ghost power. The reason it's fabled to give ships endless flight is due to the fact that its ether is self sustainable like a living organism, but calling it that would be inaccurate, rather it's more like a parasite that feeds off of ether while producing ether "cattle" to keep itself alive.

Additional information about the Iron Maiden's Curse will be added in a later artwork, along with info on how to join its crew~
I need money... simple as that ^^;

So without further a do... 


Black and White Full Bodies : $5
-Additional Characters: +$3
-5 Characters Max per order (So up to 4 Additional Characters)

Flat Color Full Bodies : $15
-Additional Characters: +$7.50
-3 Characters Max per order (Only 2 Additional Characters)

Color and Shaded : $25
-Additional Characters: +$10
-Again 3 Characters Max per order

Chibi Fakemon/Stuff that won't take me more than 3 Hours to draw : Starting at $10
-Price goes higher depending on complexity
-Will be colored and shaded (to an extent)
-Single Orders Only

The only things I won't draw is XXX stuff, and full on Original Furry Characters (Anime Characters with Animal parts are okay... and fan art of already existing Furry Characters are also okay)

Look through my gallery for examples of my work
For more Up to date artwork, Follow me on my Tumblr
Basically what I have here, but with samples: Commission Info

If you're interested, please send me a Note or email 
in other words don't comment here... but if you have questions... comment here;;;
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